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Live face on the web

A known bug within Internet Explorer and Flash causes intellichat to pop when interacting with some Flash Elements. The most popular of these is Live Face on Web. To resolve this issue, you simply need to modify the PlayLFOW.js file in your web directory.


Custom tracking pixels

For customers wanting to have more information at their finger tips, we have made it possible to set the sale amount for each saved sale for more detailed reporting. You can also mofify your tracking pixel to include multiple campaigns instead of having multiple tracking pixels on one page.


Disable Intellichat with cookies

To further extend the functionality of intellichat we have created a new method which can be called to set our cookies, which disable intellichat from launching for a specific period of time.


Intellichat & Flash

As Intellichat is a pure html and css chat window there are sometimes complications when there are flash elements embedded into a website. Just set the wmode on your flash elements to transparent to resolve this issue.


Custom offer links

With Intellichat, you can customise your offer link to pass through dynamic data to your offer page by using our link append code.


Stop unwanted popping of Intellichat

Some dynamic elements on a web page may cause intellichat to load, such as url redirection when you change an option inside a dropdown menu. By setting a variable within the code that performs that action, you can stop intellichat launching.


Launch Intellichat on a link click

If you would like to launch your Intellichat campaign when a user clicks on a specific link or links in your page.


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